The Agis Investigative Agency is a start-up born in Taranto in the field of investigations. The founder, Dr. Giovanni Arestìa, strong of his experience in the field after completing his training at the University of Bari Aldo Moro`and at the University La Sapienza in Rome, continues his family business for over ten years.
The agency operates in three areas, insurance, investigation and real estate with a team of highly specialized personnel in each sector and is always open to new challenges that the market offers, with the sole aim of ensuring the highest quality standards for customers.
The Insurance Division outsources the entire anti-fraud investigation division, as well as socio-economic information, graphic and photographic reconstructions, claims dynamics, location surveys, witness examinations, on-line investigations, and the related activity of collecting minutes at the authorities.
The Investigative Division deals with all issues relating to both marital and family matters in general, as well as executing debtor tracing and asset investigations, financial solvency investigations, business information, certified by the Public Administration, Chamber of Commerce inquiries.
The Real Estate Division deals with the activities of drafting and transcription, registration and annotation of documents at the Conservatory of Taranto, as well as the entire field of mortgages related to mortgages and certificates and cadastral, historical certifications and map extracts, Notarial certifications and twenty-year hereditary reconstruction axis, predisposition twenty-year notarial reports.
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"Si dice che il genio sia infinita pazienza. Come definizione è pessima, ma calza a pennello al lavoro dell`investigatore". Arthur Conan Doyle
Surveys, Investigations, Research
The Agis Investigative Agency is currently the second generation of highly experienced investigators in the field of investigation. The attention is totally directed to the needs of every single customer for which our services are completely personalized.
The agency is a member of Federpol, the main association of Italian Private Investigators and has the relevant Prefectural authorizations.
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